Our responsibility

KOPP doesn’t just stand for attrac­ti­ve and secu­re jobs, but also takes on respon­si­bi­li­ty for future genera­ti­ons. By thin­king and plan­ning ahead, KOPP is able to actively and sus­tainab­ly shape the future through inno­va­ti­ve pro­ducts and working methods.

Social responsibility

Whe­ther it’s employees, cus­to­mers or busi­ness part­ners, at KOPP the focus is on peop­le and this is key to the suc­cess of the com­pa­ny. KOPP stands for open coope­ra­ti­on and equal oppor­tu­nities, and is against discri­mi­na­ti­on. Throughout the com­pa­ny, KOPP reli­es on fle­xi­ble working, open com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on on an equal basis, a flat hier­ar­chy and equal oppor­tu­nities, which allow employees to achie­ve the best pos­si­ble work-life balance.


KOPP makes an acti­ve con­tri­bu­ti­on to envi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion through its tar­ge­ted use of avail­ab­le resour­ces, its app­li­ca­ti­on of new tech­no­lo­gies and its use of rene­wa­ble ener­gy. KOPP is sup­por­ted in this by an intel­li­gent ener­gy manage­ment sys­tem, which is not only used at KOPP, but also app­lied by cus­to­mers through the purcha­se of cor­re­spon­ding products.


Made in Ger­ma­ny for over 95 years — that’s what KOPP stands for. Through defi­ned pro­ces­ses in deve­lo­p­ment and pro­duc­tion, as well as a qua­li­ty inspec­tion accord­ing to strict cri­te­ria, we want to ful­fill our respon­si­bi­li­ty as a pro­du­cer and sup­plier of cur­rent-car­ry­ing pro­ducts. In doing so, we focus on iden­ti­fy­ing pos­si­ble defects as quick­ly as pos­si­ble wit­hin the frame­work of qua­li­ty manage­ment or pre­ven­ting them from occur­ring in the first place through pre­ven­ti­ve measures.“