VersaDOT and VersaPICK

VersaDOT and VersaPICK simplify the supply of energy

Digitalisation is changing our daily lives just as much as our professional lives. The number of tablets and smartphones, but also other electrical devices with USB charge, has multiplied rapidly in recent years. With its two new products VersaDOT and VersaPICK, Heinrich Kopp GmbH provides a better and simpler power supply. Gone are the days of cumbersome extension cables.

Desks, kitchen worktops and even upholstered furniture can be electrified with Kopp’s built-in sockets, i. e. supplied with their own connection. In this way, technology and furniture are brought together and tailor-made solutions are created: The power is exactly where you need it!

If the power is not nearby, you usually use extension cables and multiple plugs, which are not only visually unattractive, but also simply impractical. It is easy to stumble over a loose cable and thus not only interrupt the power supply, but can also injure yourself under certain circumstances.

The Kopp product VersaDOT is used for power supply via a Schutzkontaktsteckdose plug or USB ports. Whether in the kitchen or in the conference room, in the hotel or in the laboratory – the possibilities are almost unlimited. The round socket and USB installation modules are mounted in two simple steps. At first only the frame is mounted at the desired position. The housing can then be snapped into the frame. Since the cable connection runs downwards, it remains invisible. The module can be mounted in hard surfaces such as wood or plastic as well as in upholstered furniture.


VersaDOT will be available from June 2019 in three different surface finishes: Brushed stainless steel, shiny black or shiny white glass blend into any ambience.
VersaPICK is a USB charging module with two ports. This connection can also be mounted on both smooth and padded surfaces.

The model is now available in four different sizes and different versions. It consists of an installation kit and adapter. This Kopp product also has the cable outlet on the underside of the housing. VersaPICK is available in the plastic version in black, white and aluminium colours. In the metal version with Zamak alloy in matt black, matt white or brushed stainless steel.