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The new socket outlet base

The new socket outlet base

Innovative product convinces with speedy installation

The new socket outlet base is a real milestone in our range from Heinrich Kopp GmbH: the new development bundles the comprehensive know-how of the specialists in electrical installation material in one product. Sophisticated features make work quicker: funnel-shaped cable runs make the installation of rigid conductors with a cross-section of 1.5 to 2.5 square millimetres easier. At only 32 millimetres in depth, the base can be installed quickly, easily and safely. The claws isolated from the supporting ring offer exceptional safety. Kopp is immediately introducing this innovation for all trade flush-mounted switching programmes.


On the construction site or at the customer’s property, speed, safety and simplicity matter. A critical eye is often cast toward the tradesman. Is every grip in place? Is the work progressing at a reasonable pace? Time-consuming small jobs in particular often take up a great deal of time. This includes the installation of a power outlet, which often doesn’t go as quickly as it could. This was the incentive for Heinrich Kopp GmbH to develop a real innovation with the new socket outlet base, the advantages of which will make the tradesman’s work easier in the long run.


In addition to the increase in speed, quick and easy installation of the base also offers further advantages: the flush-mounted inserts for single or multi-strand rigid conductors provide a lot of room for connecting the cable ends to the base. If they have to be released, ergonomic, easily accessible release buttons make it easy to just pull the cable ends out. Easy-to-read laser markings on the high-quality surface coating provide orientation aids for smooth installation at all times. And in the case of aligning multiple combinations, they offer greater installation safety than commercially available products.


Claws that are full recessed into the base make it easy to insert into the switch box. The quick thread screws with uniform Type Z Size 1 combi-slotted screw heads only have to be turned three times with a screwdriver to fully extend the claws. The base is fixed in a jiffy. If the position has to be corrected, simple claw resetting makes the installation adjustment easier and the realignment uncomplicated. In this case, the claws spring back automatically.


The new base is always safe to work with. So the claws are isolated from the supporting ring opposite and thus remain voltage-free, even if the conductor sheath is damaged. Accidents and shorts are prevented. The supporting ring is 1mm thick, stable and torsion-resistant.