Steckdosensockel mit Lila Hintergrund

The new socket base

Quick and easy installation

The installation of socket bases is part of everyday life in the electrical trade. This makes it all the more important that the flush-mounted inserts can be installed quickly, easily and safely. Heinrich Kopp GmbH has realized exactly this with the new socket base. So that installers can do a little more every day.

With a low installation depth of only 32 mm, the new socket base offers a particularly large connection space for convenient wiring. Large funnel-shaped cable glands for rigid conductors from 1.5 to 2.5 mm² ensure simple installation, regardless of whether solid or stranded. The large, ergonomic release buttons are easily accessible and easy to operate. The fixed conductors can thus be easily removed from the socket base if required.
Firmly fixed with three turns

The claws of the new socket base are completely recessed in the housing before installation. This makes it easy to install the base in hollow wall sockets without having to remove the claws beforehand. The quick-release screws have a uniform combination slot screw head type Z size 1. With only three short turns of the screwdriver, the claws extend fully and fix the base securely in the box. The light claw reset allows mounting changes and re-alignment of the socket. In the event of disassembly, the claws spring back automatically.

Claws insulated against the support ring

The stable and torsion-resistant 1 mm thick support ring is insulated from the claws. This means that it remains tension-free even if a wire sheath is damaged during installation. Due to the high-quality surface coating, the laser markings are very clearly visible and also provide clear orientation for the alignment of multiple combinations. This increases the mounting safety of the socket base.

The socket base is introduced for all flush-mounted switch ranges from Kopp’s specialist retail range.
Your advantages at a glance:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • compact base
  • Large keyhole mountings with extra-large alignment angle for adjustment in the switch box
  • Reinforced support ring – now 1.0 mm thick
  • Support ring surface refined
  • Inscriptions Laser inscribed
  • No need to remove the claws when installing in cavity wall boxes
  • No risk of injury at the claws, as completely integrated in the base
  • Provide claw screws with quick thread (3 turns)
  • Claw return by integrated pressure spring
  • Claws insulated against support ring