This product range covers simple 2-pole voltage and continuity testers, analogue and digital multimeters, professional clamp multimeters, and innovative contactless voltage testers and voltage detectors.
They cover the full range of quality requirements, from home repairs to professionals.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
PAN Minimeter NEW, digital multimeter CAT III 600Vwith contactless voltage tester, colour: yellow19640208240082246523391
PAN Profimeter NEW, Digital-Multimeter19640209940082246524381
Sunsensor for shutting-timer19900703340082246524141
Digital Multimeter 7 functions19640210940082246503113
PAN Voltfinder, contactless voltage detector - colour: yellow32420603040082246524215
Euro-voltage tester, 100 - 250V, 19cm32420208140082245101275
Euro-voltage tester, 100 - 250V, 15cm32420108040082245101105
Voltage tester, 110 - 250V324200089400822291039410
Socket test adapter for easy plug in socket outlets, IP2017100201240082246249852
MICROMETER: 6 functions/16Areas19640205140082246145283
Audible Stud Seeker, locates wood or metal studs and joists drywall, plywood, panelling and flooringup to 19mm, visible and audible indicators32380102540082245381215
Automatic wire stripper for cable diameter from 0,2 - 6mm²32040108240082245166176
Voltage and continuity tester with LED32420401440082246101551
Stripping tong for use inside mounting box for cable diameter from 4 - 13mm²35120008740082239579786
Metall- and voltage detector: to find metal parts and find AC-voltage carrying parts, battery: 9 V (not included)32380009340082239664065
Crimping pliers, special steel, pressing range 0.25mm² - 2.5mm², incl. 150 terminals32480108840082245444673
Professional crimping pliers, pressing range 0.5mm² - 6mm², adjustable crimping pressure32480208940082245444742
Energy consumption meter, with shutter, max. 3,000W19640102940082246083505
Automatic wire stripper, self-adjusting to the size of the wire for solid and stranded wires range from 0.2mm² - 6mm²32046008340082245444813
Voltage tester, 2-pole, with LED, 6 - 400V32420301340082246101484
Allrounder: for sheath stripping and stripping of all common round cables from Ø 4 - 15mm with PVC"-sheating, flat cable up to 15mm width"32040308440082245166316
Cable knife with fixed blade for cable diameter from 8 - 28mm²32390009640082239663906