ATHENIS - IP44 stahl

Straight surfaces and minimalistic cover designs for switches and sockets, combined with high-quality materials, make the ATHENIS switch range a perfect combination. Thanks to its special gasket, it complies with protection class IP44.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
ATHENIS IP44 - 1-fold cover frame, colour: steel402147088400822465120210
ATHENIS IP44 - 2-fold cover frame, colour: steel40264708340082246512335
ATHENIS IP44 - 3-fold cover frame, colour: steel40274708640082246512643
ATHENIS IP44 - Pushbutton switch, colour: steel69934708040082246509845
ATHENIS IP44 - Conrtol switch, colour: steel-colour69944708340082246510115
ATHENIS IP44 - series switch, colour: steel69954708640082246510425
ATHENIS IP44 - Universal switch, colour: steel69964708940082246509535
ATHENIS IP44 - Control switch, colour: steel69974708240082246511273
ATHENIS - Earthed socket outlet with hanged lid and shutter, protection class, colour: steel95404708740082246509225