Our Technical Centre offers high-quality technical components, such as dimmers, room thermostats, timer switches, etc. as individual components. Each switch range includes the fitting covers.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Push-changeover universal dimmer84550018140082246483702
Push-changeover universal dimmer84540018840082246483182
Changeover switch - LED dimmer, 50W/RC84450018040082246313412
Room thermostat break contact, 2200W29010218340082245828722
Glow lamp preferably for universal switches324300044400822006304710
Room thermostat change-over contact, 1100W29040218240082245828892
Electronic Timer29020218640082245830152
PARIS VISION HK05 - Timer for shutter, colour: arcticwhite19851318840082245828962
Sunsensor for shutting-timer19860018140082245829022
Glow lamp preferably for universal switches32430018540082245829885
Dimmer push/change over (phase control)80950018740082245829952
Electronic push-change over dimmer (phase alignment)80020018940082245830082
Push-change over LED-dimmer, (phase control), LED 3 - 35 W84280018740082246147642
Antenna socket TV/RF92390018040082245829262
Antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, suitable for digital signals91640018140082245829332
Telephone connection socket TAE, 1 line and 2 additional devices, 3x6-pole, NFN-coding11920118540082245829402
UAE connection socket, for telephone and data technology, RJ11/12, RJ45, 8 poles, 2 connection11540018640082245829572
UAE connection socket, for telephone and data technology, RJ11/12, RJ45, 8 poles, 2 separate11620018140082245829642
Network outlet CAT6, 2 separate plug connectors (10Gbit/s/500MHz)92010018340082245829712
USB-Charger 2x 1,050 mA29610118540082246057242