Switch Range ATHENIS

… is the new architectural switch programme from Kopp.

The flat surfaces and understated design of the covers for the switches and sockets together with the high-quality materials create the perfect combination for the new ATHENIS switch programme.
The gently curved cover frames lend the programme a distinctive look.
The components are available in high-gloss pure white and painted steel colours as well as anthracite. Thus, the switch programme fits perfectly into the current setup and emphasises the modern architecture.
Of course, the colours can be combined as desired.

In addition to the plastic cover frames, high quality, exclusive glass cover frames are also available for this switch programme. The combination of switches and sockets in different colours with the glass cover frames clearly adds value to every room and also impresses amid exclusive furnishings.

Of course, the technical components such as switches and sockets comply with Kopp’s high quality standards and thus Kopp gives the guarantee of 20 years.