Multiple Socket Outlets POWERversal

Not all multiplugs are the same. For normal household use, the requirements for a (standard) multiplug may be minimal.
Besides the colour, the main questions will generally be limited to the number of socket outlets and the equipment variants (switch, USB, etc.).
For trades and industry, things are a lot different. Requirements for ease of operation and robustness are a prerequisite.
In addition, options for installation (screw-on, enclosure mounting, etc.) will make a critical difference, for example.
Special requirements can also play a role, such as for stage technology.
Here the (PROFIversal) multiplugs must be entirely black in order to prevent reflections.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
POWERversal 5-way with switch, cascadable with GST18 system, increased contact protection, 90° turned pots, screwable22952001540082246467341
POWERversal 6-fold, cascadable with GST18 system, increased contact protection, 90° turned pots, screwable22942001240082246467271
POWERversal 3-way, with switch, with shutter, cable 1.4m22602001740082245657211
POWERversal 4-way, cable 1.4m, colour: black-silver22612001040082245657381
POWERversal 3-way, sidewise connecting for GST18i plug-in-system, In-/out (Wieland system), with shutter, max. 3600W22622001340082245657451
POWERversal 4-way, sidewise connecting for GST18i plug-in-system, In (Wieland system), with shutter,max. 3600W22632001640082245657521
Connection Cable protective contact, compatible with GST18 plug system, 1,4m, colour: black22642009940082245657691
Connecting cable mutual, compatible with GST18, 2m, colour: black22652009240082245657761
POWERversal 5-way, with switch, with shutter, cable 1.4m22662001540082245657831
POWERversal 6-way, with shutter, cable 1.4m22672001840082245657901
POWERversal 7-way, with switch, with shutter, cable 1.4m22682001140082245658061
POWERversal 8-way, with shutter, cable 1.4m22692001440082245658131
POWERversal 9-way, with switch, with shutter, cable 1.4m22702001840082245658201
POWERversal 10-way, with shutter, cable 1.4m22712001140082245658371
POWERversal 2+3-way, group switching with two illuminated switches (2-pole), with shutter, cable 1.4m22722001440082245658441
POWERversal 5-way, with hinged lid and illuminatedswitch (2-pole), with shutter, cable 1.4m22732001740082245658511
POWERversal 3x3-way, with IEC320-C13 sockets, and illuminated switch (2-pole), cable 1.4m22742001040082245658681
POWERversal 2+2x3-way, with 2 earthed sockets withshutter and 2x3 IEC-320C13-sockets, group switchi ng with two illuminated switches, cable 1.4m22752001340082245658751
POWERversal 7-way, with master-slave with safetronic®, 1x master and 2 slave sockets, with two illuminated switches, with shutter, cable 1.4m22762001640082245658821
POWERversal 5-way, with surge protection, with switch, with shutter, cable 1.4m22772001940082245658991
POWERversal 4-way, with integrated RCB (B, 16A/30mA), with shutter, cable 1.4m22812001240082245659361
POWERversal 5-way master-slave function with overvoltage filter safetronic®, max. 3600W, 1.4m cable22782001240082245659051