Mobile Personal Protection Devices PRCD

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
PRCD-S pro, mobile protective device, 3-pole, 30mA, IP5519623000940082246243291
PRCD-S, approval: VDE, GS of BG Cologne19630001840082242924121
PRCD-S, approval: VDE, GS of BG Cologne19620001540082242924051
PRCD-S, aluminium housing, approval: VDE, GS of BGCologne19770101240082244257421
PRCD-S, rubber plug with 3-way-rubber-coupling with cover, length of cord of both sides: 150cm14211601640082243722681
PRCD-S, angled rubber plug with 3-way rubber-coupling, cord length: 15cm and 300cm14191601940082243722511
PRCD-S, rubber plug with rubber coupling with cover, length of cord, plug-PRCD-S: 150cm, coupling PRCD-S: 300cm14380001540082243746751
PRCD-S, angled rubber plug with rubber coupling with cover, cord length: 15cm and 300cm14181601640082243722991
PRCD-S, cable reel, angled rubber plug with rubber-coupling with cover, 3 sockets, cable 15m14481500140082245736411
PRCD-2P, approval: VDE193201006400822433807320
PRCD-3P, approval: VDE196001003400822436422520
PRCD-S, 5-pole, inA rugged CEE rubber box, H07RN-F5G1.5mm²19970001340082244680151
PRCD-K, aluminium housing, approval: VDE19050001840082244343241
PRCD-K, approval: VDE19040001540082244343171
Surface mount housing, for personal protective socket outlet35635201340082245176835