HK05 - matt black

The standard range of Kopp switches, with beautiful designs to suit virtually any decorative style. The broad product range can be used in many different areas.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Double rocker pad for wireless-wall-switch electronic module in the design HK05 in colour matt-black82645000140082246580584
Rocker pad for wireless-wall-switch electronic module in the design HK05 in colour Matt-black82635000840082246580414
HK05 - room thermostat "opener", colour: matt black29015000740082246579901
HK05 - room thermostat "chang-over contact" , colour: matt black29045000640082246580031
HK05 - earthed socket outlet with shutter, colour: matt black920650004400822465782210
HK05 - earted socket outlet with hinged lid and shutter, colour: matt black92085000040082246579213
HK05 - earthed socket outlet, colour: matt black923550004400822465781510
HK05 - intermediate frame for 50x50 DIN device, colour: matt black335750001400822465793810
HK05 - cover for antenna socket TV/RF, colour: matt black33495000640082246576625
HK05 - cover for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT, colour: matt black33505000040082246576795
HK05 - cover fot command devices, colour: matt black33175000740082246575015
HK05 - TAE-cover, colour: matt black32605000440082246576865
HK05 - TDO-cover, colour: matt black37385000040082246577095
HK05 - UAE-cover, colour: matt black32615000740082246576935
HK05 - loudspeaker socket, colour: matt black92155000240082246576555
HK05 - cover for pressure change-over dimmer, colour: matt black33375000940082246574955
HK05 - blind-cover, colour: matt black33435000840082246576485
HK05 - INFRAcontrol R 180°, infrared motion switch, 3-wire, max. 2000W, LED max. 500VA, matt black84065005040082246580721
HK05 - INFRAcontrol T 180°, infrared motion switch, 2-wire, 5 – 300W, LED 5 – 100VA, matt black84045005440082246580891
HK05 - INFRAcontrol R 180°, complete device incl. Cover frame, infrared motion switch, 3-wire, 1000W, LED 300W, matt black80845001640082246580341
HK05 - INFRAcontrol T 180°, complete device incl. Cover frame, infrared motion switch, 2-wire, 40 – 400W, matt black80815001740082246580101
HK05 - INFRAcontrol180°, colour: matt black80585000840082246580271
HK05 - rocker with red lens, colour: matt black33469800340082246507795
HK05 - rocker, colour: matt black334650007400822465741910
HK05 - rocker with clear lens, colour: mattblack33469700240082246574265
HK05 - rockerpad with labeling field, colour: matt black33425000540082246574885
HK05 - double rockerpad for blinds, colour: matt black33447700240082246574405
HK05 - double rockerpad, colour: matt black334450001400822465743310
HK05 - rocker wit lens, symbol "light", colour: matt black33945000640082246574575
HK05 - rocker with lens, symbol "bell", colour: matt black33955000940082246574645
HK05 - rocker with lens, symbol "key", colour: matt black33965000240082246574715
HK05- Timer for shutter, colour: mattblack19855001140082246580961
HK05 - cover frame 1-fold, colour: matt black308450004400822465794510
HK05 - cover frame 2-fold, colour: matt black308550007400822465795210
HK05 - cover frame 3-fold, colour: matt black308650000400822465796910
HK05 - cover frame 4-fold, colour: matt black30875000340082246579765
HK05 - cover frame 5-fold, colour: matt black30835000140082246579831