HK05 - arctic white

The standard range of Kopp switches, with beautiful designs to suit virtually any decorative style. The broad product range can be used in many different areas.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
HK05 - Earthed socket outlet with shutter - colour: arctic white920602002400822464174610
HK05 - Esrthed socket outlet with hinged lid and shutter - colour: arctic white92080200840082246418073
HK05 - Earthed socket outlet - colour: arctic white923502002400822464182110
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF/SAT335002007400822449340610
UAE cover plate for UAE connection sockets, suitable for 1-2 connections32610200440082244934205
Cover plate for command element331702004400822456511010
Antenna cover plate for antenna socket TV/RF334902003400822449339010
TDO cover plate for TDO telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections32600201890082232601035
TAE cover plate for TAE telephone connection sockets, suitable for 1-3 connections (or USB-socket)32600200140082244934135
Loudspeaker socket, connection terminals for banana plugs 4mm or loudspeaker cable up to 16mm²92150200990082292150225
Dimmer cover for push dimmer333702006400822459356410
Blind cover33430200540082244935365
Rocker pad without lens334602004400822449334510
Rocker pad with lens334693008400822449335210
Rocker pad with inscription area33420200240082244935125
Double Rocker pad with arrows334488000400822449354310
Double Rocker pad334402008400822449336910
Cover frame 1-fold308402001400822449343710
Cover frame 2-fold for vertical and horizontal installation308502004400822449344410
Cover frame 3-fold for vertical and horizontal installation308602007400822449345110
Cover frame 4-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30870200040082244934685
Cover frame 5-fold for vertical and horizontal installation30830200840082244934751
Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Light"33394200040082244934825
Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Bell"33395200740082244934995
Rocker pad with lens and symbol "Key"33396200440082244935055
Labelling clip334500009400822449360410
Intermediate frame for 50x50 DIN devices335702008400822451516010