The bases for the flush-mounted switch ranges form the basis for the Kopp switch ranges. Technology “Made in Germany” ensures the quick, easy, and safe installation of the various products. In addition to standard products such as various models of light switches, sockets, and dimmers, the Kopp switch ranges also include touch dimmers under the brand name DIMMAT.

DescriptionArticle NrEANPU
Double pushbutton switch-socket50380000240082244390225
UAE connection socket, for telephone and data technology, RJ11/12, RJ45, 8 poles, 2 separate3336940240082246063701
Flusch mounted series pushbutton switch-socket without cover plate - 10 AX, 250V~50400000940082246448395
Changeover switch - LED dimmer, LED 5-150W RC84460000440082246313581
Pushbutton switch socket (change-over)504400001400822372839410
Series switch socket503500003400822007047210
Push-change over LED-dimmer, (phase control), LED 3 - 35 W84280000840082246147711
Pushbutton switch socket (change-over) with N-terminal with glow lamp504700000400822451624210
Universal dimmer - changeover, 100W84550000240082246522231
Push-change over dimmer (phase control)80950000840082245923901
Time switcher, analogue, time: 30 min.19500030090082219500201
Push-change over dimmer (phase control)80900000340082245924201
Push-change over dimmer (phase control)80910000640082245924371
Universal dimmer - changeover, 100W84540000940082246522161
Universal switch socket (off and change-over)503600006400822007054010
Off switch-socket, 2-pole503200004400822007021210
Telephone connection socket TAE, 2 line and 1 additional devices, 3x6-pole, NFF-coding3336939140082246063181
Telephone connection socket TDO, surface-mounted, AT3336939940082246064311
UAE connection socket, for telephone and data technology, RJ11/12, RJ45, 8 poles, 1 connection3336940040082246063561
Module CAT6, 2x8, shielded920100004900822920100110
Changeover switch - LED dimmer, 100W/RL84440000840082246313101
UAE connection socket, for telephone and data technology, RJ11/12, RJ45, 8 poles, 2 connection3336940140082246063631
Speed control with rotary switch84480000040082246313891
Telephone connection socket TAE, 1 line and 2 additional devices, 3x6-pole, NFN-coding3336939240082246063251
Telephone connection socket TAE, 6-pole, F-coding3336939040082246063011
Control switch-socket504600007400822007088510
Electronic push-change over dimmer (phase alignment)80020000140082245924061
Venetian pushbutton switch-socket50390000540082244390395
Double change-over switch socket50330000740082200703975
Time switcher, analogue, time: 15min.19500015990082219500061
Changeover switch - LED dimmer, 50W/RC84450000140082246313341
Cross switch socket50370000940082200706255
Module CAT6, 1x8, shielded11440100790082211440095
Double dimmer, 2x15-120W/VA84410000040082246249921
Rotary dimmer (phase control)80000000440082245925121
Electronic potentiometer84470000740082246313721
Venetian switch socket50450000440082200707005
Pushbutton switch socket504300008400822065870010