Kopp at Light and Building

Kopp flips the switch at Light and Building

Heinrich Kopp GmbH presents many innovations at Light and Building. Included: INFRAcontrol motion detectors, Blue Electric moisture-proof switches, sockets and moisture-proof models from the HK 07 series as well as new solutions from ASA.

Heinrich Kopp GmbH extends the INFRAcontrol range with the surface-mounted motion detectors R110AP, R180AP and R270AP. With different detection angles of 110°, 180° and 270°, the products share a major technical innovation: zero-crossing switching. High inrush currents often occur when switching LED light sources. Kopp’s new AP motion switches switch connected loads in the zero crossing of the sinusoidal curve. This technology reduces the load on the relay contacts and significantly extends the service life of the motion switches.

Blue Electric with two new products

The Blue Electric moisture-proof switch range has also been expanded. New in the range is the earthing contact socket outlet with combination lock. With 1000 freely selectable combinations, the lock prevents unauthorised third-party use, for example in shared washing basements. Kopp has also added a surface-mounted data box for 2 Keystone modules to its Blue Electric range. Like all products in the range, it is suitable for use in damp rooms, workshops or in sheltered outdoor areas.

Suitable individual components for HK 07

The HK 07 switch range from Kopp has been specially designed to meet the needs of electrical installers. With a standardised rocker size of 55 x 55 mm and a large selection of colours and surfaces, the switch range of around 60 products is particularly flexible: external system components can also be easily integrated. Kopp is now presenting new sockets with hinged lids and a damp-proof set suitable for the flush-mounted switch range HK 07, which brings the sockets up to IP 44. In addition, the HK 07 switch range now includes a motion detector without intermediate frame, which is available in 2-wire and 3-wire versions. The whole family is in great demand for USB ports for charging smartphones or tablets. Therefore Kopp offers a new socket outlet with two USB ports that can be used simultaneously.

Kopp is also upgrading its furniture electrification with new products from its cooperation partner ASA plastici. As part of Light and Building, Kopp will be presenting ExitFLY. The electrical connection system can be elegantly integrated into the tabletop. For this purpose, the recessed table piece is used as a cover during assembly. ExitFLY is available in different versions – and is suitable for both a simple desk and a multimedia conference table.


VersaTURN is a motor-driven installation solution from ASA. The swivelling power supply system with multimedia modules can be easily opened at the touch of a button. A laser controlled system prevents VersaTURN from closing when the slots are occupied or obstacles are in the way.


With VersaCHARGER, Kopp launches an inductive charging station with Qi technology for wireless charging of smartphones and tablets. The charger fits elegantly into the surface of the worktop and can easily be used in everyday (office) life. This makes the charging process a pleasant secondary matter.


VersaDOT also provides a direct power connection. The round socket and USB installation modules are suitable for mounting in hard surfaces such as wood or plastic. First the frame is fixed and the desired housing is simply snapped into the frame. The cable outlet remains hidden from the user.


VersaPICK only offers USB ports. The charging modules are available in different versions. They consist of an installation kit and adapter and differ in material and shape. The special: VersaPICK can be mounted on flat and padded surfaces.

The modular VersaNET installation unit provides free access to power and data connections. Thanks to the integrated brush, VersaNET can also be used when the cover is closed – the cables are routed to the table surface without jamming.


Picture 1: Surface-mounted motion detector, black
Picture 2: Flush-mounted motion detector, arctic white
Picture 3: Flush-mounted motion detector, white

Blue Electric

Picture 4: The new Kopp safety socket outlet with combination lock and 1000 freely selectable combinations prevents unauthorised third-party use.

Picture 5: The surface-mounted data box for 2 Keystone modules is now also part of Kopp’s Blue Electric range.


HK 07

Picture 6: The HK 07 from Kopp – here with double glass frame in white.


Picture 7: The HK 07 switch range now also includes a new earthed socket with two USB connections that can be used simultaneously. This makes it easy to charge your smartphone and tablet.



Picture 8: The motion detector without intermediate frame of the HK 07 switch range is available in 2-wire and 3-wire versions.
Picture 9: With VersaCHARGER, Kopp offers an inductive charging station with Qi technology that enables wireless charging of smartphones and tablets.
Figure 10: The VersaTURN swivel power supply system with multimedia modules can be opened at the touch of a button and rotated 180° if required.