Kopp equips boarding school

Kopp equips boarding school with switch program HK07

The “Institut Lucius”, at the forester’s house in Echzell was pleased about a new building, which was opened on the 5th day. was inaugurated on July 2018. The school is the only boarding school in the Wetterau district, was founded in 1809 and is currently attended by around 160 students.

In 2017 planning permission was granted for this new building, which will be used by the lower and middle school classes on the school grounds. estecasa Fertig Modelbau GmbH carried out the construction project, which was completed in just under a year after a three-year planning phase. The building, which has since been called Wiesenhaus, can accommodate 46 students.

Kopp was thereby in demand as an electronics manufacturer and was allowed to deliver and install almost 1200 parts of the switch series HK07 in steel colors, including some special designs, in the Wiesenhaus. Among other things the following were installed Motion detectors, network sockets, room thermostats, various switches and over 300 sockets. These were partly installed in up to 5-fold combinations. Kopp was able to clearly prove its expertise, also in the area of custom-made products. HK07 convinced the client with its puristic and discreet design, which perfectly reflects the modern ambience of the new building. The circumferential shadow gap emphasises the straight-line form and the modern appearance.