High-tech switch for modern design

High-tech switch for modern design

The new openness The small rooms were converted into an open living and dining area. The large kitchen island and a fireplace serve as room dividers. “The ground floor with its flowing transitions is now bright and modern”, Heike Schrömgens is pleased to say. Floor-to-ceiling windows, real wood floorboards in combination with black leather furniture and the modern kitchen island create the most modern living ambience. The frameless glass sensor switches of the HK i8 series from Kopp perfect the new character of the house and take up the clear, geometric structure.

High-quality switches for every construction project

The HK i8 from Kopp does not require KNX cabling. It is therefore also suitable for refurbishment projects. “It was important to us that we also use the existing resources of the building”, says Heike Schrömgens. Therefore, the electrical installation was renewed, but no complex building bus was laid. Nevertheless, the building owners did not want to do without modern sensor switches. " The HK i8 is equipped with a conventional flush-mounted power unit and can be easily connected to the existing 230-volt electrical installation,”; says Martin Thielmann, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Kopp. It is not necessary to program the switches.

They are ready for use immediately after installation and can control different types of loads such as lamps or shutters. When developing the HK i8, the focus was not only on innovative and reliable technology but also on design. It is elegant, timeless and puristic. The pure white glass colour of the frameless, flat switches fits in every room – from modern to classic. The blue LED switch illumination provides an additional visual effect. It can be switched on and off on the back of the glass surface.

An investment in the future

Almost half a year has been spent on the renovation work at the Schrömgens family. We didn’t want to do things by halves”;, says Heike Schrömgens. “With new floors and some wall paint this is not done. For us, the refurbishment is also an investment in the future”. High-quality and durable materials pay off for such a project. The sensor control panel of the HK i8 is made of frameless float glass, which can be easily mounted on a flush-mounted power unit. “Float glass is unbreakable, does not scratch and, unlike plastic switches, does not contain plasticizers”, says Martin Thielmann. This makes the switches insensitive to external influences such as UV rays, cleaning agents or heat”

Wide range for every application

The HK i8 range includes light switches, blind switches, dimmers and sockets. The flush-mounted power components of the switches are available with both 2-wire and 3-wire connections. Loads up to a maximum of 1,000 watts can be connected, so that innovative lighting concepts can be realised with the entire range of modern light sources.