Free control in the dome

Free control in the Brandenburg Cathedral – in the cloister it sparks

The Cathedral of Brandenburg, founded by King Otto I, is located on an island between the Beetzsee and the Havel ─ the oldest part of the elaborately renovated old town of Brandenburg. The ensemble of cathedral, cloister, curia and outbuildings characterizes the overall appearance of the island and is considered an important landmark. In the cathedral itself there is a museum, which exhibits important works of art from all epochs from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. century is exhibiting. For the optimal light control in the cloister the diocese to Brandenburg decided recently for the employment of the radio system Free Control of Kopp.

The aim was to keep the installations as uncomplicated as possible, since in the historical walls, special care must be taken with structural measures. At the same time, the lighting and illumination of the building as well as the display cases and relics should be conveniently controllable. In addition on the one hand a radio universal transmitter, which can be installed behind conventional switches, as well as standard push buttons and surface-mounted housings from Kopp were used. The church lights are now controlled by radio and everything works perfectly.