Flexible and versatile – The new Smart Home from Kopp

The new Smart Home from Kopp

With the development of numerous products, Heinrich Kopp GmbH is playing a major role in driving the Smart Home theme. This year, the long-established company from Kahl am Main is expanding the functionality of its own smart home solutions with a new gateway and the appropriate mobile app.


The Kopp MINI Gateway from Kopp connects a large number of devices in the intelligent home across manufacturers and systems and combines them on a central interface: the Kopp HomeControl App. In this way, users will remain independent in the future and keep track of their intelligent home at all times.

Merging many systems

The Gateway MINI is the digital basis for the Kopp Smart Home. It recognizes different radio standards, translates them into a uniform language and merges all information into the Kopp HomeControl App. All infrared devices and a number of smart home radio systems from different manufacturers can be controlled on the 868 MHz radio frequency via IP network – either by smartphone, tablet or voice command.


HomeControl is the right app for controlling the intelligent home. Kopp offers it for free at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The app can be used to retrieve and monitor status messages of the operating status of the taught-in Smart Home components as well as sensor events. The Smart Home can also be controlled remotely via mobile Internet access.



New Generation Free-control

In addition to the MINI gateway, Kopp is also launching a new generation of the smart Free-control radio system. The devices can be controlled classically via a hand-held transmitter and wireless wall switches or via the HomeControl App. The system works bidirectionally. That the smartphone can receive status messages, the free-control receivers give feedback as to whether the command has been executed. In concrete terms, this means that the app indicates whether a lamp is switched off or on.

Underfloor heating complements smart building technology

Another innovation in Kopp’s Smart Home is an intelligent controller for underfloor heating. All radio components can be easily installed and integrated into the home automation system. The central control element of the heater is the base station. It records all measurement data as well as the information of the respective room control units and controls communication with all connected system components. The base station can be connected to the Kopp MINI gateway and centrally controlled.


In addition to optimized control, Kopp’s smart underfloor heating system scores with modern control algorithms that can be adapted to local conditions and enable energy-efficient and convenient temperature control.

Picture 1: With the Gateway MINI, users can intelligently design their home and connect a variety of devices. The Kopp HomeControl App serves as a central control tool for mobile devices.

Picture 2: The MINI gateway forms the digital basis for Kopp’s Smart Home.

Picture 3: This year, Heinrich Kopp GmbH from Kahl am Main expands the functional diversity of its own smart home solutions – with the new gateway, the matching app, new wireless switches and the free-control remote control

Picture 4: Lighting and roller shutters can also be conveniently controlled using the remote control of the Kopp Free-Control system.

Picture 5: The radio receivers of the new Free-control generation provide feedback on the executed commands. This enables the smartphone to receive status messages.


Heating Control


Picture 6: Kopp’s Smart Home is supplemented by an intelligent control system for underfloor heating. As a central element, the basic control system records all measurement data and the information from the respective room control units for controlling the heating system.