Kopp equips boarding school with switch program HK07

The “Institut Lucius”, at the forester’s house in Echzell was pleased about a new building, which was opened on the 5th day. was inaugurated on July 2018. The school is the only boarding school in the Wetterau district, was founded in 1809 and is currently attended by around 160 students.

In 2017 planning permission was granted for this new building, which will be used by the lower and middle school classes on the school grounds. estecasa Fertig Modelbau GmbH carried out the construction project, which was completed in just under a year after a three-year planning phase. The building, which has since been called Wiesenhaus, can accommodate 46 students.

Kopp was thereby in demand as an electronics manufacturer and was allowed to deliver and install almost 1200 parts of the switch series HK07 in steel colors, including some special designs, in the Wiesenhaus. Among other things the following were installed Motion detectors, network sockets, room thermostats, various switches and over 300 sockets. These were partly installed in up to 5-fold combinations. Kopp was able to clearly prove its expertise, also in the area of custom-made products. HK07 convinced the client with its puristic and discreet design, which perfectly reflects the modern ambience of the new building. The circumferential shadow gap emphasises the straight-line form and the modern appearance.

The switch program HK07 in the project Sonnenhof

ten residential units rely on Kopp A total of ten residential units were equipped with flush-mounted switches of the HK07 program by Kopp. A total of 350 sockets, 40 blind switches and 180 light switches were installed. The property developer DELTA Bau and Elektro-Lüking GmbH, responsible for the installation, both with a branch in Steinhagen, are very satisfied with the product.

“The installation of the HK07 switches was very easy. The advantage of the product is that its rocker dimensions of 55 x 55 mm and the colour pure white (RAL910) make it compatible with most other technical components and manufacturers”, says Bernd Lüking, Managing Director at Elektro Lüking.

Besides the uncomplicated installation, the switches are characterized by a modern and at the same time robust design. Already for over 25 years products of Kopp are used with the electrician from Steinhagen. For Kopp, the residential buildings “Sonnenhof”, which have been inhabited since the beginning of 2017, are another successful reference.

High-tech switch for modern design

The new openness The small rooms were converted into an open living and dining area. The large kitchen island and a fireplace serve as room dividers. “The ground floor with its flowing transitions is now bright and modern”, Heike Schrömgens is pleased to say. Floor-to-ceiling windows, real wood floorboards in combination with black leather furniture and the modern kitchen island create the most modern living ambience. The frameless glass sensor switches of the HK i8 series from Kopp perfect the new character of the house and take up the clear, geometric structure.

High-quality switches for every construction project

The HK i8 from Kopp does not require KNX cabling. It is therefore also suitable for refurbishment projects. “It was important to us that we also use the existing resources of the building”, says Heike Schrömgens. Therefore, the electrical installation was renewed, but no complex building bus was laid. Nevertheless, the building owners did not want to do without modern sensor switches. " The HK i8 is equipped with a conventional flush-mounted power unit and can be easily connected to the existing 230-volt electrical installation,”; says Martin Thielmann, Head of Marketing and Product Management at Kopp. It is not necessary to program the switches.

They are ready for use immediately after installation and can control different types of loads such as lamps or shutters. When developing the HK i8, the focus was not only on innovative and reliable technology but also on design. It is elegant, timeless and puristic. The pure white glass colour of the frameless, flat switches fits in every room – from modern to classic. The blue LED switch illumination provides an additional visual effect. It can be switched on and off on the back of the glass surface.

An investment in the future

Almost half a year has been spent on the renovation work at the Schrömgens family. We didn’t want to do things by halves”;, says Heike Schrömgens. “With new floors and some wall paint this is not done. For us, the refurbishment is also an investment in the future”. High-quality and durable materials pay off for such a project. The sensor control panel of the HK i8 is made of frameless float glass, which can be easily mounted on a flush-mounted power unit. “Float glass is unbreakable, does not scratch and, unlike plastic switches, does not contain plasticizers”, says Martin Thielmann. This makes the switches insensitive to external influences such as UV rays, cleaning agents or heat”

Wide range for every application

The HK i8 range includes light switches, blind switches, dimmers and sockets. The flush-mounted power components of the switches are available with both 2-wire and 3-wire connections. Loads up to a maximum of 1,000 watts can be connected, so that innovative lighting concepts can be realised with the entire range of modern light sources.

Personal and plant protection in the operation of the Wald-Klinikum Gera

In the course of the general renovation of the Wald-Klinikum Gera, the complete electrical systems and operating equipment were brought up to the latest state of the art with the highest level. Due to the high quality requirements on it, the responsible persons decided for modular devices of the series GREEN ELECTRIC of Kopp. A total of more than 2,800 miniature circuit breakers and 1,300 residual current circuit breakers ensure reliable protection of all electrical circuits, thus ensuring the safety of hospital staff and patients.

Electrical systems in hospitals

A large number of mains-operated electrical devices and machines are used in everyday hospital life. A sudden failure of the power supply would have fatal consequences, which is why the requirements for personal safety and failure safety of electrical systems and equipment are particularly high. In addition to the required electrical power, laws and standards must be observed. The basis for system dimensioning is VDE 0100 “Erection of low-voltage systems”. Part 710 of the standard defines the requirements for electrical safety in areas used for medical purposes.

Normative requirements for medical devices

These areas are divided into groups 0, 1 or 2. 0 classifies medical areas in which an interruption of the power supply is harmless for the safety of patients. In class 2 areas, however, power failures are life-threatening. In case of malfunctions, further operation must be guaranteed within a few seconds.

Avoid unwanted interruptions of operation

To protect against body currents and electromagnetic interference (external voltages), Class 2 areas have two independent power supply systems. In addition to the TN network, the IT system with insulation monitoring ensures the supply of life-sustaining ME devices and ME systems. The unearthed IT systems also offer an inherent protection against dangerous body voltages. However, IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and have a high grid leakage capacity.


RCDs increase operational safety and system availability

Class 0 and 1 medical areas are supplied from the main distribution board via a TN-S network. The insulation resistance is determined indirectly via the level of the residual current. A residual current device (RCD) is used for this purpose, which switches off the system or the consumer when a defined residual current is exceeded. In Class 1 areas, it must be ensured that no undesired switch-off occurs when several electrical consumers are connected to a circuit at the same time. In this case, tripping causes all circuits – even fault-free ones – to be switched voltage-free. For this reason, DIN VDE 0100-410 recommends distributing the circuits of a system to several residual current protection devices. This means that essential parts of the plant can continue to operate when a single fault occurs.

Green Electric for highest quality requirements

For the use of ME equipment and ME systems, RCDs must be used which prevent undesired switching off of the equipment due to mains spikes. This demand can be converted in accordance with the DIN VDE 0100-710 optimally with the distribution installation devices GREEN ELECTRIC of Kopp. The RCD detects alternating as well as pulsating direct currents and switches off within 0. 2 seconds.

Modern ambience in an authentic atmosphere

The new canteen of the printed circuit board manufacturer FELA is a place for communication and relaxation. In the lounges, the Black Forest company combines tradition and modernity, elegance and cosiness. For lighting control, FELA relies on the HK i8 from Kopp – and has even thrown a principle overboard for this. The medium-sized FELA GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of printed circuit boards in Germany. Founded five decades ago, the company from Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest now employs 165 people. With an extension of the location, FELA has set up a new canteen, whose homely and modern design forms an expressive contrast to the industrial working environment in the production halls. " We wanted to create a lounge area that is as inviting as your own living room and at the same time offers a representative ambience for customer discussions and meetings,”; says Wiebke Krütt, Head of Corporate Communications at FELA.


The Black Forest as a model


The spacious floor is divided into three areas: a cosy lounge invites you to relax, next to it there is the meeting room and a large, open dining area with counter, tables and benches. The design of the rooms focuses on a modern interpretation of the „Black Forest“ theme. Wood corresponds with subtle red tones, the dominant colours brown and green are supported by light white. Large-scale nature photographs decorate the walls, while the furniture in modern design sets accents. The HK i8 fits perfectly into this ambience. The natural material glass is discreet and elegant at the same time”;, says Krütt. The simple aesthetics of the Sensor Switches emphasize their modern character. Frameless float glass in a pure white colour creates the impression of harmonious lightness. The floating lines of the HK i8 are underlined by a discreet LED switch illumination.

An absolute exception switch

For the installation of the switches, FELA had to break with a principle. In contrast to conventional domestic installations, the electrical systems in factories, high-rise buildings or shopping centres are supplied with power via central ceiling rails. This also means: at FELA, no cables are laid in the walls – actually. Because the HK i8 is installed directly flush-mounted, the company has made an exception, says Krütt: „Our building services department has installed extra additional connections in the wall for the switches.“ The flush-mounted power units of the HK i8 are available with both 2-wire and 3-wire connections. With loads of up to 1,000 watts, lighting concepts can be implemented with the entire range of modern light sources – without much effort and EIB/KNX installation. An absolute exception switch

ThyssenKrupp, too, relies on products from Kopp: the historical roots of the tradition-rich company unite almost the entire history of Rhenish-Westphalian heavy industry and thus the industrialization of Germany. The ThyssenKrupp Group can be traced back to a large number of different predecessor companies which came together mainly in the course of the consolidation of the coal, iron and steel industry. In the 19th century, the entrepreneurial personalities of the predecessor companies had a formative influence on the company. and early 20th century. German industrial policy has played a key role in the 21st century.