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90th anniversary of Kopp

The Heinrich Kopp GmbH is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2017. Over the decades, the electrical engineering manufacturer from Kahl am Main has steadily developed and extended its product portfolio with new solutions. Particularly the events of the past two years have led to new synergies, economic opportunities and skills. The core sectors of industry, electronics wholesale and OEM have grown markedly.

30 years Kopp in Tunisia and expansion of the local factory – Kopp has been manufacturing electrical installation materials at his plant in Tunisia for 30 years, mainly in hand-held assemblies. At the beginning of the year the storage and production area was almost doubled.

Historie Kopp alfanar


Striving to achieve qualitative growth

On 15 January 2016, the alfanar group took over all shares in Heinrich Kopp GmbH and its subsidiaries from the previous shareholder, palero invest, a financial investor.

Through the acquisition of Kopp, alfanar further expanded its European business. The objective is the further profitable growth of Kopp in the traditional fields of business, the electrical wholesale trade, the industrial and OEM business and the DIY store and mail order business, in the core countries.


Core Business and Innovation

Since February 2011, Heinrich Kopp GmbH and its affiliated subsidiaries have belonged to palero Holding with its head office in Luxembourg.

Actuant divested itself of all shares in Kopp on the basis of a strategic realignment of the group.

The reorientation on a 2-channel strategy has been completed. Kopp is also increasingly active in the industrial and OEM business, for example with the charging system PERCEDOS® for electric cars.

Kopp palero
Kopp Kahl


Kopp Europe

Within the context of the strategic realignment, Actuant consolidated its electric segment under the umbrella of “Kopp Europe” and all European activities are centrally coordinated and controlled from the headquarters in Kahl am Main.

In the course of location streamlining and consolidation, Kopp relocated production from Kaplice (CZ) to Messadine, Tunisia and concentrated its switch production at the Kahl am Main location.

In accordance with the “Kopp Europe” strategy, “Österreichische Kopp Ges.mbh” was renamed as “Kopp Austria GmbH” and the electrical business of the Dutch subsidiary DRESCO was stepped up and harmonised under Kopp Benelux.


Acquisition of Dresco

With the takeover of the Dutch market leader, Dresco, the Actuant Group took an important step toward strengthening its European position.

Kopp dresco
Kopp Actuant


International orientation

With the takeover by Actuant Corp. from the USA, the international orientation of Kopp was further strengthened.


New logistics centre in Kahl am Main

With the construction of a high-performance logistics centre at the main facility in Kahl, it became possible to find solutions to meet individual customer requirements quickly and flexibly. Using a state-of-the-art distribution system, several thousand shipments leave the premises every week.

Kopp Luftaufnahme
Historie Kopp ungarn


Kopp expands to Hungary

In 1993 , a branch was established in Hungary. From the site in Vecsés, the Hungarian and Romanian market was handled.



In 1992, a further state-of-the-art production facility was built for the newly developed distributor installation devices product line in Hildburghausen (Thuringia).

Historie Kopp oesterreich
Historie Kopp Tschechien


Kopp in Kaplice

Founding of the Kaplice production site in the Czech Republic. System products in the areas of switch programmes, socket strips and device surge protection filters were produced at this location.


Foundation of the production plant in Tunisia

In the new plant the focus is on the handling of complex solutions.

Historie Kopp Tunesien
Historie Kopp Luftaufnahme aigen


Foundation of Österreichische Kopp Ges.mbH

Foundation of the Österreichische Kopp Ges.mbH subsidiary in Dornbirn in Austria, in order to manage the local market directly and to optimal effect. Due to very successful activity and rapid growth, relocations became necessary, first to nearly Lustenau and then to the Aigen operating site in 1980. From Aigen, the Austrian market and various eastern European countries were managed and supplied with goods from the logistics centre.


Kahl am Main

Through further locations in Alzenau and Schöllkrippen, the decisive step was taken in 1956 with the purchase of the premises in Kahl am Main and the beginning of construction of its own production facilities.

Historie Kopp Luftaufnahme Kahl
Historie Kopp historisch


Relocation to Sonneberg (Thuringia)

The increased demand for space led to the relocation of the operation to Sonneberg (Thuringia) in 1934. During this period, plastic parts were used for the first time, which thanks to their outstanding insulating properties were soon to be manufactured and used by Kopp to an increasing extent. Before the war, the company exported up to 85 percent of its products, mainly overseas.

During the war, despite difficult conditions the company managed to retain its position and to expand, with up to 500 employees as testimony to this. At the end of the war and during the expropriation of property without compensation in the Soviet occupation zone, the fate of the company appeared to have been be sealed. However, entrepreneurial activity lead to rebuilding in Kleinblankenbach in Kahlgrund.


Founding of the Heinrich Kopp company

The chronicle of the Heinrich Kopp company began in Reinheim (Odenwald) in 1927. The small, special factory established there mainly produced switches for export. The market requirements both in Germany and abroad made a rapid expansion of the programme necessary.